Since Release 1.1.1, the mod can work with multiple languages. Anybody can contribute to the translations on the official HEE Translation Website.

If you are one of the contributors and don't have a link in the table below, feel free to add it by editing the table. Use your MinecraftForum account link if possible (if not, a Twitter or Youtube account will work as well).

Available translations Edit

Language Contributor(s) Version added
English (US) chylex ~
Chinese (simplified) MCwolski, Crafteverywhere Release 1.1.2
Chinese (traditional) MCwolski Release 1.3.2
Czech chylex Release 1.1.2
Danish Kenneth, Lemus_Nova, indiana_mogens Release 1.1.2
Dutch Dylan4ever Release 1.3.2
French Avasam, nynytony Release 1.3.3
Hebrew CheesyCore Release 1.6.2
Norwegian Carmau Release 1.1.2
Portuguese Davexx100, blue89962, santiago Release 1.3.3
Russian Vova Gendel, DingoFps, Adaptivity Release 1.2.1
Slovak chylex Release 1.1.2
Spanish Tainted Kril, Hi52, Mathir_Girelad Release 1.1.2
Swedish rallekralle11 Release 1.3.3
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