Transference Gem
Transference Gem big
Durability 108
Renewable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Pre-release 2
Data Value 7767

The Transference Gem is a teleportation item created using Gem Fragments.

Usage Edit

Right-clicking while sneaking on the top of a block will link the Transference Gem to that block, and will show Linked in the item tooltip. Once linked, a player can right-click while standing which will teleport them to that block and use durability. Low durability will cause negative effects to happen. Once all durability is depleted, the gem will not break, it will simply refuse to work instead.

Durability Edit

The gem is one of the items which utilizes Energy, and cannot be repaired using any other means.

Once durability goes below 44%, negative effects begin at random times, with the frequency and intensity of the negative effects increasing as durability reduces.

Below is a list of all negative effects, sorted by likelihood of happening:

  • Deflection - Teleports the player to a different location to the location specified.
  • Negative potion effects - The duration for each increases as durability goes down.
    • Slowness II
    • Nausea I
    • Weakness II
    • Hunger I
  • Endermen - A couple of Angry Endermen will spawn and instantly attack the player.
  • Item drop - Random amount of items from player's inventory are dropped on the ground (can be dangerous while carrying Igneous Rock
  • Storm - Extremely rare, 2-3 minute storm.

Enhancements Edit

Just as Ender Pearls, the Transference Gem can be enhanced in a similar manner, using End Powder and the enhancement item.


(These crafting recipes are null as of version 1.6.1, all enhancements are done by right clicking while sneaking and holding End Powder)

Heal (Instant Health IV) Edit

After teleportation, this enhancement will extinguish the player, and give them regeneration and very short satiation effects. Instant Health IV is acquirable by using Enhanced Brewing Stand.


Touch (Item Frame) Edit

Allows people to right-click on an item frame which will use the gem just as if the player held it in their hand. The teleportation will still use durability and cause negative effects. It is still possible to rotate the gem inside the frame by sneaking while right-clicking.


Mob (any Spawn Egg) Edit

Right-clicking on a mob while sneaking will teleport them to the linked location. You can obtain Spawn Eggs by exchanging a mob drop with the Essence Altar.

Trivia Edit

  • If you enable detailed item tooltips (F3+H), the gem will show exact location and dimension of the linked block
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