Hardcore Ender Expansion mod for Minecraft
Spatial Dash Gem
Spatial Dash Gem
Durability 300
Renewable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Release 1.6

Spatial Dash Gem is a teleportation item dropped by the Ender Eye mini-boss.


The gem is sort of like a superior Ender Pearl. Right-clicking sends out a beam from the held item, which travels in a straight line and teleports the player to a block or entity the beam hits, using up gem's durability.

Teleportation is more complex than Ender Pearl teleportation, the gem tries to teleport player on top of a block or structure. This makes it possible to send the beam into side or bottom of a block and getting teleported to the top. It is also possible to teleport through up to 7 blocks upwards, making it possible to teleport through cave ceilings or mountain overhangs. If the wall is thicker than 7 blocks, the gem tries to find 2 air blocks inside the wall. If it still does not succeed, the player is teleported into the wall.


  • It is possible to travel up to 75 blocks horizontally
  • Teleportation does not hurt the player or entity hit by the beam, unlike Ender Pearls