Soul Charm
Soul Charm big
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Release 1.3
Data Value 1624

The Soul Charm is an item which spawns a spectre that drags nearby souls to it.

Obtaining Edit

To craft the Soul Charm, simply place Enderman Head in the center and Ectoplasm around it.


Usage Edit

When right-clicked on the ground, it will create the spectre, which occupies 2 blocks, and the item will change into Soul Charm Receptacle. The spectre will interact with nearby animals and monsters and attract them close to the receptacle. The Soul Charm Receptacle can be used to suck in the spectre by looking at it and holding right mouse button.

Enhancements Edit

It is possible, and recommended, to enhance the Soul Charm, since without any enhancements, the spectre isn't very powerful. The enhancements can be stacked, and each enhancement can be upgraded up to level 6, making fully enhanced Soul Charm very powerful.


Speed (Gold Nugget) Edit

The charm attracts mobs every 90 ticks (4.5 seconds), each upgrade speeds it up by 7 ticks, so the fastest speed is 48 ticks (2.4 seconds). This enhancement also increases rates for Damage and Fire enhancements.


Efficiency (Nether Quartz) Edit

The Efficiency enhancement causes the charm to attract more mobs at a time, that amount is random but the chances increase with each upgrade.


Range (Ender Pearl) Edit

Plain charm has 12 block range (24 blocks around the charm), each upgrade of Range increases that number by 4, up to 36 blocks (72 blocks around the charm). Ranges of Damage and Fire enhancements are slightly increased with each upgrade as well.


Damage (Flint) Edit

This enhancement will hurt attracted mobs every 120 ticks (6 seconds, upgradeable using Speed enhancement). Mobs are dealt 2 base damage plus 2 more damage per level, going up to 14 damage (7 hearts).


Fire (Blaze Powder) Edit

Similarly to the Damage enhancement, the Fire one affects attracted mobs by setting them on fire. Upgrading the enhancement speeds it up (adds up with Speed enhancement) and sets mobs on fire for longer time.

Trivia Edit

  • The Soul Charm is actually a block that looks like an item
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