Potion of Instability
Potion of Instability big
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Release 1.3
Data Value 7781

The Potion of Instability is a special type of potion, which can be brewed by putting Instability Orb into an Enhanced Brewing Stand with water bottles. Brewing process requires End Powder in the stand's special slot.

It is also possible to apply Gunpowder to brew a splash version of the potion, which has data value of 1.

Usage Edit

As any other potion, the Potion of Instability can be drank (or thrown, if it's splash). Unlike regular potions, this potion gives a random potion effect of random tier and duration to each player it affects. It can also apply potion effects which aren't available in vanilla potions, such as Jump or Hunger.

Trivia Edit

  • Item tooltip contains ???, as opposed to potion effect and duration
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