Knowledge Fragment
Knowledge fragment
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable No
First Appearance Release 1.4
Data Value 7787

Fragment of knowledge for Ender Compendium, usually found as loot in chests. Each Knowledge Fragment (except those from creative inventory) focuses on one area of knowledge, which is usually one block, item, mob or structure.

Obtaining Edit

Fragments regarding different areas of knowledge can be found in chest loot, and also when trading with a Librarian.


Complete list of fragments Edit

Here is a table of all the possible fragments you can find. The areas of knowledge are sorted from most likely to least likely.

Where? Areas of knowledge
Abandoned Mineshaft Ender Dragon, Dragon Lair, Angry Enderman, Basic Essence Altar, Falling Obsidian, Altar Nexus, Dragon Essence, Vampire Bat
Stronghold Ender Dragon, Dragon Lair, Altar Nexus, Basic Essence Altar, Dragon Essence, Dragon Essence Altar, Temple Caller
Dungeon, Temples, Village End Powder Ore, Stardust Ore, Dragon Lair, Endstone Blob, End Powder, Igneous Rock Ore, Stardust, Enhanced Ender Pearl, Igneous Rock, Death Flower, Dungeon Tower
Librarian trades Dragon Lair, Dungeon Tower, Endstone Blob, Ender Goo, Infested Forest, Burning Mountains or Enchanted Island biomes (all have same chance), Instability Orb Ore, Ender Eye, Ender Guardian, Baby Enderman, Scorching Lens, Fire Golem, Transference Gem, Temple Caller
Dungeon Tower Endstone Blob, Transference Gem, Infested Forest, Burning Mountains or Enchanted Island biomes (all have same chance), Ender Eye, Death Flower, Enhanced Trasference Gem, Decorative variations of Obsidian
Silverfish Dungeon Ghost Amulet, Spooky Trees, Ectoplasm, Silverfish Blood, Infested Bat Wing or Dry Spliter (all have same chance), Infestation Remedy, Infested Bat

Usage Edit

Simply right-click and have Ender Compendium somewhere in your inventory to learn random fragment. If you cannot learn anything, a notification will pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen, and the fragment will not be consumed.

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