Hardcore Ender Expansion mod for Minecraft
Enhanced Ender Pearl
Enhanced Ender Pearl
Durability N/A
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
First Appearance Pre-release 1
Data Value 7759

Enhanced Ender Pearls are a special version of vanilla Ender Pearls with one or more special effects (enhancements).



The primary way of obtaining enhanced pearls is by putting them in a crafting table in a shapeless recipe with End Powder and a modifier item. An important feature of the effects is stacking, which means that you can continue adding as many effects to one pearl as you want.


Natural occurence

It is possible to find pearls with random effects in Dungeon Tower's loot chests.


No fall damage (Wool)

Upon pearl's landing, the player will not receive any fall damage.

No gravity (Feather)

The pearl will not follow the rules of gravity, which makes it possible to throw it straight up. After 10 seconds of flight, the pearl is automatically destroyed without any teleportation or fall damage.

Increased range (String)

Unlike No gravity effect, the pearl will fall down due to gravity, but will do so 25% slower. If the pearl has the No gravity effect too, it will override this effect.

Double speed (Gold Nugget)

Increases pearl's speed by a factor of 2, but won't change the flight trajectory. This can be helpful if are in a bad situation (fell in lava, swarm of mobs around...) and need to be saved very quickly. In combination with Riding effect, people may notice slight stuttering on a server.

Explosive (Gunpowder)

Upon landing, the pearl will explode with radius of 2.7 (TNT has radius of 4). This will not harm the thrower as long as they are far enough from the landing spot.

Freeze (Snowball)

The pearl will freeze mobs and players within 5 blocks of the landing spot for at least 4 seconds. Just as the Explosive effect, this will not affect the thrower unless they throw the pearl close to them, or have the Riding effect applied. This effect is also followed by ice cracking sound and snow particles.

Riding (Lead)

The thrower will "ride" the pearl to its destination. During the ride, if another pearl with this effect is thrown, the previous pearl will destroy itself and deal fall damage (unless No fall damage effect is applied). Since Release 1.0.0, staying in air for long time will not kick the player for flying.


  • The Enhanced Ender Pearls can still be used for crafting an Eye of Ender
  • In inventory, you can see the glint effect enchanted items have