Endstone blob

Small randomly generated pieces of End Stone terrain scattered around The End dimension. There's a limit of maximum one blob per chunk.

Appearance Edit

Each blob consist of one or more blocky spheres made of End Stone of random sizes, but will never take bigger area than 16x16. The blobs aren't plain, each blob uses one or more populators.

Population Edit

There are several different types of content populators: small caves, obsidian spikes, Ender Goo lakes, ores and flower. On average, a blob has 2 or 3 randomly chosen populators, but this number can vary a lot.


Test: Amount of populators Edit

For the test, 1.000.000 blobs were generated, and this is the collected data:

Populator amount Generated Chance in %
1 96.907 9.69 %
2 377.490 37.75 %
3 349.198 34.92 %
4 143.850 14.39 %
5 29.622 2.96 %
6 2.825 0.28 %
7 (all of them) 108 0.01 %

As you can see, there as always at least one populator per blob.

Traveling Edit

Since they are generated at various heights, they can be scarce in some areas of the dimension, and once you are far enough from the Dragon Lair, they're pretty much the only places for Endermen to spawn, it is difficult and dangerous to travel between them. Common approach would be either plain or Enhanced Ender Pearls, which may require a bit of practice to get used to.

Once the Dungeon Tower is conquered and Spatial Dash Gem is acquired, using the gem becomes the best way of getting around in both the Overworld and the End.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On very rare occasions, a blob can have all populators at once
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