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Top-down view on the Enderman Relic structure

Endermanpocalypse was an event triggered by a player picking up the Shattered Enderman Relic in the Enchanted Island biome. As the Enderman Relic structure no longer spawns, this event is no longer functional.

Stages Edit

The Endermanpocalypse had several stages. Right after picking up the Shattered Enderman Relic, Ender Guardians would start attacking anyone who had it in their inventory. Once any of the players who stole the relic got to the Overworld, other relics on the islands would become unpickable and the Endermanpocalypse is running.


Noon - Night Edit

The first effect of Endermanpocalypse took place at noon (time 6000). Precisely at that time, rain would start to fall, complemented by thundering. The storm lasted until late evening (time 125000), then the rain stopped, though the thundering would continue. After several seconds, the next stage began.


Spawning Edit

During this stage, frequent thundering happened. Every so often, Endermen, Angry Endermen and Ender Guardians spawned in the sky. As soon as the moon was about to fall, time stops and an Ender Demon spawned in the overworld at the spawn point.


Boss fight Edit

During the boss fight, time stood still and would only resume once the Ender Demon was killed. At that point, the thunder also stopped, the Endermanpocalypse reset, and was able to be triggered again.

Bugs/conflicts Edit

Any mod that protects the spawn area from mobs wouldprevent the Ender Demon from spawning. This will cause the time to get stuck.

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