Ender Eye
Ender eye
Health Points 250 (FullHeart ×125)
Attack Strength 3 (FullHeartHalfHeart)
Drops 1 Eye of Ender
1 Spatial Dash Gem
3-6 Obsidian
Experience 35
First Appearance Pre-release 2

An Ender Eye is a mini-boss mob located on top of each Dungeon Tower.

Appearance Edit

The body of Ender Eyes consists of a tough obsidian shell with and eye in the front, and two limbs which move based on the attack status. While asleep, the limbs hang down and the eye is closed. Once the eye is attacked, both body and limbs point towards the player's head, and while performing a special attack, the limbs point upwards.

Behavior Edit

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The Ender Eye is neutral and asleep until it's provoked by a player. When awoken on Normal or Hard difficulty, it will break blocks with low hardness around.

When awake, it looks for a nearby player and focuses on them even if a different player attacks the Eye. If there are no players in range, it falls asleep and starts quickly regenerating.

One of the ways the Ender Eye attacks is quick melee damage which can be devastating if the player's armor isn't good enough. Every so often, the Eye uses one of its special attacks.


Blast wave Edit

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A very dangerous attack which breaks several blocks around the Eye and most importantly, creates a blast wave which pushes all players away  with huge velocity, often causing them to fall into the void if they don't react quickly enough.


Nausea Edit

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A simple attack which blinds and causes nausea to nearby players, accompanied by eerie sound effects. These effects usually last until the next attack.


Laser beams Edit

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The third attack starts with the Ender Eye spawning purple lasers which quickly burn whoever touches them. After enough lasers are spawned, all lasers burn out and set nearby players on fire and the Ender Eye returns back to normal attacking.

Strategy Edit

Attack Edit

The Ender Eye's body is made out of obsidian, which means you cannot use non-metal weapons which would have no effect on the tough shell. It is also impossible to use arrows, fire, cacti, drowning and similar methods to kill the Eye - use either an iron or diamond sword to deal damage.


Defense Edit

Due to the structure of the tower, it is really easy to be pushed into the void by the Blast Wave attack or just by taking knockback from melee attacks. It is recommended to build railings around the top of the tower, which will protect you well. Be aware though that the Blast Wave also breaks blocks and may damage the railings!

Trivia Edit

  • The Ender Eye doesn't completely resist knocback, but noticeably reduces it
  • There's a very low chance the Eye will do one special attack 2 times in a row
  • It is possible to reduce Blast Wave velocity by blocking with a sword
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