Hardcore Ender Expansion mod for Minecraft
Ender Demon
Ender Demon
Health Points 400 (FullHeart.png ×200)
Attack Strength 3 (FullHeart.pngHalfHeart.png)
Drops 1 Shattered Enderman Relic
Experience 70
First Appearance Pre-release 1.2


The Ender Demon is a mini-boss spawned during the Enderman Apocalypse as its final boss, and killing it will end the apocalypse. It has the body of an Enderman, no legs and 8 flailing arms.


The demon spawns in the sky above world's spawn point. After it comes down, it is no longer able to move, and will only turn after its target.

It has 2 main attacks, one will spawn up to 3 Angry Endermen close to the player, followed by purple lightning, and the second attack will spawn several Falling Obsidian blocks above the player, which will damage any entity they hit as they fall, and also obstruct the terrain.

Ender-Lighting attack

The demon regenerates and doesn't take full damage, however if enough damage has been dealt, it will quickly strike several purple bolts at the player. This lightning will cause huge amount of damage to the demon if it hits water.

Falling-Obsidian attack


Dying Ender Demon

Killing the demon may be difficult due to the quick regeneration. The key is being near water to damage the demon, when it uses the lighning strike attack. Some form of protection against the Falling Obsidian is useful too, there isn't any protection against Angry Endermen though, so a good weapon is recommended to kill them as fast as possible.

When the demon is killed, it generates a powerful explosion and a lot of lighting falls on him.


  • Lightning caused by the Ender Demon doesn't create fire, and doesn't electrify mobs (such as Pigs or Creepers)