Ender Compendium
Ender compendium
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
First Appearance Release 1.4
Data Value 7785

The Ender Compendium is a source of information about features of the mod. Information is split into fragments, which have to be unlocked to be able to see the information.

Obtaining Edit

The compendium is crafted using paper and ender eye. In the creative inventory, there is a special version of the Ender Compendium, with Creative mode subtitle, which has all of the fragments unlocked.


Usage Edit

Right-clicking the compendium opens a special interface with 8 icons and a question mark button in the middle. The question mark shows some information about the Ender Compendium itself, and each of the icons leads to a specific group of knowledge, which contains icons of specific blocks, items, mobs or structures.

The GUI has 2 buttons on the bottom, Back and Close. The Back button can be also triggered by pressing Escape key, or right-clicking with the mouse.

Fragments Edit

Unlocking fragments Edit

There are 2 ways of unlocking the fragments. One of them is using a Knowledge Fragment, which unlocks one fragment from specific area of knowledge.

The second way is by observation. If you interact with the world in various ways or watch a friend interact with the world, and have paper and the compendium somewhere in the inventory, there will be a chance of unlocking a fragment. The unlocked fragment is usually connected with the interaction, for example breaking a block may unlock a fragment, which has information about the drops.

Every time a fragment is unlocked, a small text pops up in the bottom right corner, and opening the compendium in 10 seconds since a fragment was unlocked will automatically show the fragment. If a fragment could be learned but there is no paper to write it on, a notification will pop up too.


Types of fragments Edit

There are currently two types of fragments - text and crafting recipe. Crafting recipe fragments show a 3x3 crafting grid, which contains question marks until unlocked. Text fragments also have question marks when locked, but some of these fragments may need to be unlocked twice in order to reveal all information.

For example, one of Instability Orb Ore fragments may look like this when unlocked: There is a ??% chance that the ore will drop nothing when broken. This tells the player that the drop is not guaranteed, but it will need to be unlocked one more time to reveal the exact number, hidden behind the question marks.

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