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Enchanted Island

The Enchanted Island is a biome added in Release 1.2. It is a mostly flat biome commonly populated with piles of Obsidian and Ender Goo lakes. Endermen, Baby Endermen and Ender Guardians inhabit the biome. Rare variations might make the Ender Goo lakes larger, or spawn taller Obsidian pillars.

Enderman Relic Edit

Each of the Enchanted Islands have a chance of Enderman Relic structure spawning on the surface. In the center of it, there is Enderman Relic which is not destroyable by explosions, fire etc. By picking it up, Angry Endermen spawn in the entrance, Ender Guardians start attacking the player and Endermanpocalypse starts.

Block Stash Edit

Block Stash (or Enderman Stash) is a rectangular room with a pile of blocks Endermen are able to carry in the center. They are often located underground, rarely they can be visible on the surface or in a cave.

Gallery Edit

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