Dragon Lair is the main island of the End dimension, located at 0,0. This is where the End Portal leads, and where players encounter the Ender Dragon boss battle.

The island is primarily made of End Stone, with patches of End Powder Ore which spawns everywhere in the End. On the surface, there are Obsidian Spikes with Ender Crystals on top.

Obsidian Spikes Edit

Obsidian Spikes (or Pillars) are tall round structures made of Falling Obsidian. Because of that, when the dragon reaches angry stage and flies through one of the spikes, it sends the obsidian off flying around, causing damage to mobs it hits.


Ender Crystal Edit

Each spike has a single Ender Crystal generated on top, which heals the dragon if it's close enough. It can be destroyed by punching it, using any projectile such as arrows or snowballs, or causing explosion damage near it. Destroying the crystal also hurts the dragon if it's healing from it, and causes an explosion stronger than TNT, which can kill the player if close.


Types of Ender Crystals Edit

There are three types of Ender Crystals. The most common type is TNT, which when destroyed aggros up to 7 Endermen to the destroyer, and shoots 8 primed TNT blocks around timed to explode as they're about to hit the ground.

If a spike is over 20 blocks high, it has a chance to spawn with Iron Bars around, which makes it harder to destroy the crystal. The bars also cannot be destroyed by the dragon.

Very small spikes might generate Blast crystal. When this type of crystal is destroyed, the entire tower explodes, blasting all of the Falling Obsidian blocks away from the center. The Bedrock block is also destroyed, otherwise it would stay in the air. This type can be very resource-intensive, so it only spawns if the total about of obsidian blocks is below 320.

Trivia Edit

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