One of the features of the mod is addition of battle music, which is triggered by certain events like starting a battle, or walking into an area. As of Release 1.3.3, there is a possibility of having music play randomly every 7 to 14 minutes, whilst exploring the End.

How to add music Edit

The music track has to be either in ogg or wav format! If it's not, it has to be converted (ogg is prefered as the files are much smaller). Once it has the correct format, it can be put either into the mod file to make modpack distribution easier, or in a special folder for local playlists.

Tracks are separated into group based on their prefix. Each file needs to follow this convention, otherwise it will not be accepted by the mod!

File prefix Event (mob, area...) Example
dragoncalm_ Ender Dragon (calm stage) dragoncalm_Author_TrackName.ogg
dragonangry_ Ender Dragon (angry stage) dragonangry_Author_TrackName.ogg
tower_ Dungeon Tower tower_Author_TrackName.ogg
firefiend_ Fire Fiend firefiend_Author_TrackName.ogg
enderdemon_ Ender Demon enderdemon_Author_TrackName.ogg
random_ Exploring the End random_Author_TrackName.ogg

Adding to the mod file Edit

Go to .minecraft/mods/ folder where you installed the mod, and open with an archiving program. Navigate to assets/hardcoreenderexpansion/music/ and put your music files inside that folder. You can also remove or modify any of the official music tracks. Be also aware that when you update the mod, you will also replace all the changes you made!


Adding to the folder Edit

Navigate to the .minecraft/config/HardcoreEnderExpansionMusic/ folder (if it doesn't exist, run Minecraft with the mod and then close it). You can put your music files into that folder and they will stay across mod updates.

Official music tracks Edit

All following tracks were created by qwertygiy and are not a subject to YouTube's copyright detection system, so you are free to have music enabled when recording a video with the mod.

Track name Event (mob, area...) Version added Listen
Banjolic Ender Dragon (calm stage) Beta 4
Banjolic music disc
In The End Ender Dragon (calm stage) Beta 4
In the end music disc
Asteroid Ender Dragon (calm stage) Pre-release 1
Asteroid music disc
Stewed Ender Dragon (calm stage) Pre-release 1
Stewed music disc
Beat The Dragon Ender Dragon (angry stage) Beta 4
Beat the dragon music disc
Granite Ender Dragon (angry stage) Beta 4
Granite music disc
Remember This Ender Dragon (angry stage) Beta 4
Remember this music disc
Spyder Ender Dragon (angry stage) Pre-release 1
Spyder music disc
Onion Exploring the End Release 1.3.3
Onion music disc
Crying Soul Exploring the End Release 1.3.3
Crying soul music disc

Music Discs Edit

Each of the official music tracks can be also found in form of a Music Disc, which were added in Release 1.3.3.

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