Achievements are an important part of the mod, as it is designed as a tutorial and guides the player through some of the key features along with Ender Compendium.

They can be accessed by opening Achievements screen and scrolling through the achievement pages (the button on the left says currently shown page and clicking will move to the next page).

Hardcore Ender Expansion has 2 achievement pages, one contains the tutorial achievements and the second page has challenges, which are achievements that require player to do something special, such as handicap themselves when fighting or give them additional objective.

Achievements Edit

Icon Achievement name Achievement description Requirement
Time for new adventures! Welcome to Hardcore Ender Expansion! (none)
Learning the powers Create a Dragon Essence Altar Time for new adventures!
Rebirth Use the Temple Caller and regenerate the End Learning the powers
Traveling 101 Enhance an Ender Pearl Time for new adventures!
Super shiny! Enhance and Ender Pearl with all possible items Traveling 101
Dead visionary Kill an Ender Eye to get Spatial Dash Gem Traveling 101
Whole new cultures! Visit a Biome Island Dead visionary
The magic of decomposition Acquire some Stardust Dead visionary

Note: Time for new adventures! is unlocked when the Ender Dragon dies, or when you visit the End with the Ender Dragon dead.

Challenges Edit

Achievement name Achievement description Difficulties
Hardcore Player Kill the dragon without dying Hard
Insomniac Deal the finishing amount of damage using bed explosion Normal or Hard
Enderlover Don't kill a single enderman during the battle Normal or Hard
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